Yeshua Restoration Ministries is a grassroots, faith-based organization located
in the inner city of Syracuse’s northSide.  Its mission is to assist in the restoration
and equipping of individuals, families, and neighborhoods so they may better
participate as vital, contributing members of the community.

Through community advocacy, youth development, support groups, a dignified
housing program, community safety initiatives and networking, Yeshua Restoration
Ministries configures its resources to meet the needs of our neighbors. By living in
the neighborhood, the organization is better equipped to know the specific needs
of those they serve.


The northSide community of Syracuse is comprised of people of all generations, differing
nationalities, and varied faith-practices.

While some of these residents are American, the majority of these are newly assimilated
refugees, seeking assistance with culturalization, language, and/or educational guidance.


Youth Soccer

YRM organizes and subsidizes a soccer
club program for young neighborhood
males from ages 10-16, that includes
uniforms, practices and league play.

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Student Tutoring

YRM offers personalized tutoring
programs available for the students
who participate in the soccer club and
northSide community service projects.

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Community Service

YRM participates in ongoing neighborhood
community service projects. On a regular
basis, over twenty volunteers pick up litter
around the northSide community.

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YRM conducts an advocacy program
designed for refugee neighbors that
helps ensure that they receive equal
educational, medical, and social services.

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Community Meals

Community dinners for all volunteers
take place after designated community
service events and help foster a sense
of connection with all who participate .

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Dignified Housing

YRM assists neighbors in finding dignified
housing. This includes working with them
to help locate, secure, move in to, and
furnish safe and clean housing.

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